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Miscellaneous Links

  • Apologetics Press - For over three decades Apologetics Press has published books related to reason, revelation, discovery, bible contradiction and topics that challenges faith.

  • - Scriptural links to verses regarding "What is the meaning and purpose of Baptism?"​

  • Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in English, German, Swedish, Latin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Tagalog, and Norwegian.

  • Christian Courier - The Christian Courier is a journal dedicated to the study of religious doctrine, Christian evidences, and biblical ethics associated with the churches of Christ.

  • Gospel Advocate - Magazines like Gospel Advocate, and Christian Woman, along with books offered on site. Also has the brotherhood's most active message board.

  • Gospel Minutes - People have very little time to read, thus the title Gospel Minutes. All of the articles except a couple can be read in a couple of minutes. So you will not read a complete explanation, but hopefully enough to help you study further. This site does not deal with much milk. It is expected that you are already familiar with the basics. However the webmaster recommends An Important Aspect of the Nature of God and Two Bibles...

  • Gospel Broadcasting Network - Live link to GBN... Excellent programming 24/7.

  • Gospel Gazette - Louis Rushmore and Rodney Nulph invite you to enjoy the Gospel Gazette Online. Use the index or search engine to find thousands more articles in the Archive. We hope that you find the contents of this website useful for personal study, class and sermon preparation, and use in church bulletins.

  • House to House / Heart to Heart Ministries - To God be the glory.

  • NOCYC - Northeastern Ohio Christian Youth Camp:

  • Spiritual Sword - The Spiritual Sword quarterly journal, which began in October of 1969, has been edited by Alan E. Highers since 1989 and brings into print some of the finest literary efforts of noted men in the church today. Each issue of the journal is biblical, balanced, and conservative in content.

  • World Video Bible School: