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July 20, 2014                                                   Vol. 5   No. 40


“Peace – Takers”

            One of the constant desires of world leaders, and of the people they lead, is to have peace. That noble ideal, that admirable goal, is illusive when it comes to the nations of this world. Today, as I write this, there is conflict all over the globe and people live in fear for their lives and the lives of those who are dear to them.

            Each year an award is given to an individual (or group) who has promoted the cause of peace in the world. It is called the Nobel Peace Prize. With it, and various other awards and recognition, we honor people who are considered “peacemakers”. But, interestingly enough, what God wants are “peace-takers”.
In the constant spiritual conflict that involves peoples’ eternal souls, peace has already been declared. The reconciliation of people to God, their Creator and Sustainer, has already been accomplished.  It was made possible long ago by the death and resurrection of God’s One, and Only, Son. Now, every person is to choose to take, or accept, that peace, or to reject it and the One who made it by the sacrificing of Himself for all of mankind’s sins. So, God wants “peace-takers.” This very thing is what Peter told the Roman Centurion, Cornelius, and his household:

            “Then Peter opened his mouth and said: ‘In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality.

            ‘But in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him.

            ‘The word which God sent to the children of Israel, preaching peace through Jesus Christ – He is Lord of all –

            ‘that word you know, which was proclaimed throughout all Judea, and began from Galilee after the baptism which John preached:

            ‘how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.

            ‘And we are witnesses of all things which He did both in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem,             whom they killed by hanging on a tree’” Acts 10: 34-39

            The apostle Paul declared that same peace in Ephesians 2.

            Two years after the Civil War, a man went into the mountains of North Carolina to spend a few weeks of his summer vacation. He climbed the mountain and descended the other side into the densest valley, and to his surprise stumbled upon a little cottage, swept about by a few acres of cultivated land. On his approach the door was barred against him. Only after much pleading was it opened. He found two men living there, who had been its occupants for nearly three years. They had deserted from the Confederate army, built themselves a cottage and raised from the soil enough for the necessities of life, ever keeping an open eye against the conscription officers. The war had now been over for two years; peace had long since been declared, but they had not heard it.

            Our peace, spiritual peace, was declared long ago. There are still some who have not heard of it. There are multitudes of others who have heard the good news, but have not yet accepted the peace by obeying the gospel.

            We can be at peace, even if the physical world cannot. We can claim our place with God and our eternal rest. We just need to be a “peace-taker”.

Church Family: Gwen Rose: Aultman Hospital. Keep Judy Franks, Shirley Cain and Anna Lee Book in your prayers.

Friends & Family:  Becky Block had eye surgery last Thursday. Aria Poth (5 months old) diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Debbie Fetty: breast cancer, and her mother: copd (both family of Georgia Gadd). Linda Snyder (daughter of Richard Snyder) diagnosed with cancer; Aletheia Gould (infant daughter of Brian & Mary Gould). Rich Culler; Kasey Schofield; Mike Wilson.                                                                                                        
Remember, too, our Shut-In members, those in the Armed Forces, our Brethren in Kenya and the Leadership of the Lord’s church here at Northwest.

Responses:       Sarah Campana responded to the invitation last Sunday morning to thank the congregation for their prayers (she is now on the kidney transplant list) and to request continued prayer.

Death:            We extend our sympathy to Jim Jacobs and his family, at the passing of his mother, Naomi Jacobs, on Thursday, July 10th.

Thank You:     To my dear friends at Northwest: This is long overdue but I want to thank each one of you who has been so thoughtful and caring in my time of health problems. Thank you for the cards, prayers and gifts. You are very special to me and I love you all very much. God Bless You. I send another big thank you for your remembrances.                          -Anna Lee Book
            We want to express our gratitude to all who sent cards, offered prayers, attended the memorial service, and for the kind condolences at the death of our dear mother and mother-in-law, Maxine Walton. Thanks, also, for the lovely plant. In Christian love, -Tom & Deanna Walton

Meeting:        The Eldership would like to meet with all those who work in the Food Ministry, TODAY at 2:30 PM in the multi-purpose room. 

Baby Shower:             There will be a baby shower for Erin & Brady Hammond (daughter/son-in-law of Keith & Jan Kull) and their son Luke Howard Hammond on Sunday, August 31st from 2:00-4:00 PM here at the building. They are registered at Target. Please sign the sheet on the bulletin board if you plan to attend.

Open House:      A graduation open house is planned in honor of Josh Reed this Saturday, July 26th from 2:00 – 8:00 PM at 1905 Pine St. SE in East Sparta. Sign the list on the bulletin board or you can RSVP by calling or emailing. (Information in the printed bulletin.)

Sewing Ladies:   The ladies will continue to meet for sewing on Monday mornings at 10:00 AM until noon.

Ladies:  You will find the Card Ministry schedule for August, September and October on the table at the rear of the auditorium. Remember to pick up your copy.

Golden Agers:          This Tuesday, July 22nd the group will go to Atwood Lake for a boat ride followed by lunch at “The Lighthouse Bistro” (leave the building at 10:00 AM). Sign-up sheet on the GA bulletin board.

Current Bible Class Offerings

Sunday Morning
1.    “Luke” - Lance, Auditorium
2.    “Christianity In A Hostile Culture” – Tom Walton, Room 12
3.    “Hebrews” – Bill, Room 14
4.    “Attitudes of Gratitude” – (Ladies Class) - Juanita Brown, Room 17                                                      

Wednesday Evenings
1.    “The Bible World” - Lance, Auditorium
2.    “I & II Timothy” – Bill, Room 14
3.    “Minor Prophets” – (Men’s Class) – E.C. Bradley, MP Room (South)
4.     Ladies Class - Shirley Wyatt, Room 7
Classes are provided for children of all ages.


Services at Hennis..........................................July 27th
Birthday Fellowship........................................July 27th
Church Picnic
.................................................August 16th


Attention 1st & 2nd Graders:  New this year at NOCYC – DAY CAMP! TODAY from 4:00-8:00 PM. Registration is FREE!  Details on the Teen Bulletin board.

Annual Church Picnic:       The Annual Church Picnic will be held on Saturday, August 16th from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. The church will provide the meat and beverage. Please sign the sheets on the bulletin board for your specialty side dish and the number of people you will bring. We will also need help with set-up and clean-up. See Emmanuel or Cheryl Bradley if you have any questions.


8-JUMBO CRAYONS......................................210
24-COUNT REGULAR CRAYONS.....................368
GLUE STICKS................................................428
BOTTLES OF GLUE........................................218
SETS OF MARKERS.......................................328
2-POCKET FOLDERS......................................248

           Is the silence of the Scriptures permissive or prohibitive?

     Through the years some have either regarded the silence of the Scriptures as permissive or prohibitive.  The Scriptures instruct what God desires, and they forbid what He abhors.  Both groups agree that Christians should never do what God forbids.   The tension arises when an action is neither instructed nor forbidden. Those who believe in permissive silence believe that they may act in this silence with the permission of God.  Those who believe in prohibitive silence believe they may act only when the word of God warrants or instructs.  They believe God’s all-sufficient word is complete and final, which prohibits them from acting on their own initiative.

     God’s word is not a constitution that allows amendment.  No person and no group of people can make changes to God’s holy word.  The apostle Paul, in reference to the covenants of God, said, “To give a human example, brothers, even with a man-made covenant, no one annuls it or adds to it once it has been ratified” (Gal. 3:15).  If this is true of a man made covenant, how much more so is it true of God’s covenants!

     Since we understand the Scriptures to be all-sufficient, complete and final, we must not presume to speak where the Scriptures are silent.  We will not imagine God’s word is fluid and in need of continuous editing to suit the desires of the culture.  We will not suppose God failed to speak the whole truth and is in need of our opinions and additions.

     Some speak of the “silence of the Scriptures,” but it is more accurate to speak of the silence afterthe Scriptures.  God spoke what He intended to say.  His Spirit guided the apostles into all the truth in the first century.  This guidance contained all truth for all people everywhere and for all time.

      After God finished speaking through the Lord Jesus and the Spirit to the apostles and prophets in the first century, God purposefully hushed and had no more to say.  His silence is significant, because it distinguishes the true disciples from all others.  The Lord Jesus Him-self defined His true disciples as those who remain or abide in His word.

     God purposefully finished speaking to emphasize what had already been fully revealed.  From that point on, the need was to “abide in” and to “hold fast” to God’s words. Faithful Christians abide in the word by speaking where God speaks and being silent where God is silent.  What is the answer to our question?  If God does not say it, we are not permitted to do it.

(The wording of this article taken from an article by Phil Sanders in the Spiritual Sword, Vol. 45, #4, July 2014)

A.M. –“Accepting The Gift Of Forgiveness” (Romans 5:12-17)LANCE
P.M.  – “How To Be Blessed By The Bible” (James 1: 19-27) - KEITH

Those reading for lessons during the worship service are asked to use the “New King James Version”, as it corresponds to the pew Bibles and the projections on the screen.

** If you are unable to serve in the scheduled capacity, let Art Hopkins know. **

July 20, 2014               A.M.                                        P.M.
Opening Prayer           Elder                                       Elder
Song Leader                Stephen Lindenberger             Stephen Lindenberger
Communion                Mark Daverio                          Eugene Fox
Offering                      James Blackwell                      Eugene Fox
Prayer                          Doug Clouse                           Leo Howard                           
Reading                       John Logan                             John Hartley   
Text                             Romans 5: 12-17                     James 1: 19-27                       
Dismissal                     Bill Dimit                                Ned Taggart

Serving Communion:
1.  Rick Blackburn      5.  Devin Watson                    1.  John R. Oberlin      3.  Jeff Thompson
2.  Josh Heid               6.  David Witter                      2.  Bill Dimit               4.  James Dreussi
3.  Michael Moffett     7.  Brian Heid
4.  Larry Moffett         8.  Jim Jacobs

July 27, 2014               A.M.                                        P.M.

Opening Prayer           Elder                                       Elder
Song Leader                Stephen Lindenberger             Stephen Lindenberger
Communion                E.C. Bradley                           Doug Clouse
Offering                      Bill Craddock                        Doug Clouse
Prayer                          Dick Dimit                              Cliff Schofield                                   
Reading                       Terry Pyles                              James Blackwell         
Text                             Matthew 19: 16-22                 Hebrews 12: 1-2                     
Dismissal                     Keith Hill                                Ron Franks

Serving Communion:
1.  Marty Norris          5.  Don Higgins                       1.  John Simone           3.  Bryan Reed
2.  Clyde Burfield       6.  Steve Moser                       2.  Don Hopkins          4.  Al Rohr
3.  James Spencer Jr.   7.  Matt Moser           
4.  Jim Spencer            8.  Patrick Shepler

For The Record (07/13/14)
AM Worship…………..254
AM Bible Study……….179
PM Worship…………..138
Wed. B.S. (07/16/14)….109