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August 31, 2014                                                   Vol. 5   No. 48


Promotion Sunday
September 7th

          The new Bible School year begins next Sunday, as our children and teens will go to their new classes, reflecting changes in their ages and grades in school. It is also an opportunity to thank our Education Ministry for their commitment to teaching God’s word each Sunday and Wednesday of the year. We appreciate those who teach and those who attend.

Let’s have a great new Bible School year starting on September 7th.

Church Family:      Margie Mahaffey is now home following a brief stay at the hospital. Shirley Morrow (shut-in) is at Aultman/Woodlawn. Keep Betty Silvus and Anna Lee Book in your prayers.

Friends & Family:  Don Reifsnyder (husband of Ann Reifsnyder) had bypass surgery at Aultman Hospital this week. Tom Williams (father of Jennifer Kruger) will have surgery on Tuesday. Steve Heckathorn (50 year old nephew of Jim & Mary Jacobs) suffered a heart attack and is at Aultman Hospital. June Tilmont (grandmother of Amanda Nicholls); Rita (92 year old aunt of Ellen Day); Hope Morgan (niece of Karen Smith); Steffy Riley (sister of Kim Pool); Bill Howell (Jean’s son).
           Remember, too, our Shut-In members, those in the Armed Forces, our Brethren in Kenya (Charles Ogut, Administrator for the Kenya School of Preaching), and the Leadership of the Lord’s church here at Northwest.

Death:         Our sister, Ellen Lautenschlager, passed away this past Tuesday, August 26th. The funeral will be this Tuesday, September 2nd at the Spiker-Foster-Shriver Funeral Home (Cleveland Ave. North) at 11:00 AM with calling 1 hour before at 10:00 AM.

Thank You:  Thanks for all the visits (even the ones I slept through) and the cards, prayers, and well wishes for my safety and recovery. I am truly grateful. May your gifts to me be returned to you tenfold and may God bless you all. In and through Christ our Savior, -Gwen Rose
          I want to thank everyone for all the prayers, love, and kindness during Kasey’s illness and passing. I also want to thank those who prepared the dinner after the services. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and compassionate church family. I love you all, Cliff Schofield & the Family of Kasey Schofield.

Birthday FellowshipThe Birthday Fellowship meal will be TODAY following evening services. Please bring finger foods, a 2 liter bottle of soda and plan to celebrate with us!

Fellowship MealThere will be a fellowship meal on Sunday, September 14th following Bible Study. Please sign the list on the bulletin board if you plan to attend and also indicate if you will bring a dessert.  See Patrick Shepler if you can help with set-up, serving, and clean up.

Golden Agers:  There will be NO MEETING this Tuesday.

Widow/Widowers Fellowship Picnic

   Where:  Hartville Church of Christ
   Date:   Saturday, September 6th
  Time:   Noon – 1:30 PM
RSVP to Dean Miller, no later than September 3rd, by calling 330-412-1456 or you can email him.

          *Those attending are asked to bring $5 for lunch*

FYIThe office will be closed tomorrow, September 1st, for Labor Day.

Lost & Found:     Please check the lost & found for misplaced items, or for dishes that have been left in the kitchen.

Sewing Ladies:   The ladies will continue to meet for sewing on Monday mornings at 10:00 AM until noon.
We are in need of “knotters” for our lap quilt ministry! This is something you can do at home at your leisure; supplies are provided.

Current Bible Class Offerings

Sunday Morning
1.    “Luke” - Lance, Auditorium
2.    “Christianity In A Hostile Culture” – Tom Walton, Room 12
3.    “Acts” – Bill, Room 14
4.    “Attitudes of Gratitude” – (Ladies Class) - Juanita Brown, Room 17                                                      

Wednesday Evenings
1.    “The Bible World” - Lance, Auditorium
2.    “I & II Timothy” – Bill, Room 14
3.    “Minor Prophets” – (Men’s Class) – E.C. Bradley, MP Room (South)
4.     Ladies Class - Shirley Wyatt, Room 7
Classes are provided for children of all ages.

Promotion Sunday........September 7th
Fellowship Meal............September 14th
ONFTM.........................September 15th
Devotional at Hennis.....September 28th

     I am hearing a lot about “millennials.”  Who are they and why all the interest in them at this time?

     Millennial is simply the term used for those in what is being called the “Millennial Generation”.  Our society has to give a name to each generation of young people as they come along.  We had the “Baby-Boom” and the “Gen-Xers” generations and now we have “Millennials.”  This group is considered to be those 30 years old and under.  Attention is being given to this group today because so many of them are leaving the church.  It is estimated that almost half of those who grow up in the church will leave it. 

     Flavil Yeakley, in his book Why They Left, revealed that for the last 30 years, churches of Christ have retained 58.2% of their young people.  About 30% never return, but 12% who drop out of the church when they left home, return to the church after they married and started having children.  He also found that the 31.4% of young people who attend Christian colleges, 85.1% are still faithful.

     Yeakley noted differences in the retention of young people by how the congregations viewed themselves.  Although the moderate congregations retained 62% of their youth, the much more liberal and much more conservative lost more than 60% of their youth.

     Several factors have helped churches retain their young people. An active youth ministry, the participation of parents, and a challenging Bible curriculum were vital factors.  Programs such as “Lads to Leaders” greatly helped.  A” Lads to Leaders”   study found that of all the young people who went through the program, 85% remained faithful to the Lord’s church.

     A US Religious Landscape Survey published in 2008 revealed that 22-23% of the members of churches of Christ were between the ages of 18-29.  Interestingly, only 20% of the general population fits in that age group.*

     The church needs to focus on ways to retain those of this age group and help them to mature into life-long Christians.  We must encourage this age group by developing an environment that makes them a part of the church so they can fulfill the roles they’re supposed to fill with the talents they’ve been given. Research shows that they do not want spiritual fluff, but want to be taught the word of God in its purity.  We cannot expect our children to mature spiritually if we give them a Sesame Street spiritual diet.  We must challenge our young minds.  Fluff is actually an insult to them. If we expect little from our young Christians we will get little. If they are “entertained” as young people they will grow into adults who want to be entertained. 
*Taken from an article by Phil Sanders-Gospel Advocate Aug. 2014

A.M. –
“A Difficult Command”   (Luke 13: 1-5)LANCE
P.M.  – “Whose Hands?”  (Psalm 18: 31-36) - KEITH

Those reading for lessons during the worship service are asked to use the “New King James Version”, as it corresponds to the pew Bibles and the projections on the screen.

** If you are unable to serve in the scheduled capacity, let Art Hopkins know. **

August 31, 2014         A.M.                                        P.M.

Opening Prayer            Elder                                        Elder
Song Leader                 Stephen Lindenberger               Stephen Lindenberger
Communion                  John R. Oberlin                        John Oberlin
Offering                        Eugene Fox                             John Oberlin
Prayer                          Rannie Cox                             Harry Rose                              
Reading                        John Hartley                             Leo Howard                            
Text                             Luke 13: 1-5                            Psalm 18: 31-36          
Dismissal                      Frank Kruger, III                      Ron Franks                             

Serving Communion:
1.  Marty Norris           5.  Steve Moser                        1.  Jeff Thompson         3.  Rick Blackburn
2.  T.J. Myers               6.  Josh Heid                            2.  Denver Moore         4.  John Hartley
3.  Matt Logan             7.  Matt Moser
4.  John Logan              8.  Patrick Shepler

September 07, 2014    A.M.                                        P.M.

Opening Prayer           Elder                                       Elder
Song Leader                Stephen Lindenberger             Stephen Lindenberger
Communion                John R. Oberlin                       Mike Moss
Offering                      John R. Oberlin                       Mike Moss
Prayer                          Chuck Camarata                     Jeff Thompson                       
Reading                       Devin Watson                         Josh Heid                               
Text                             Ephesians 3: 14-21                  Matthew 23: 37 – 24: 2          
Dismissal                     Bill Dimit                                Cliff Schofield                                   

Serving Communion:
1.  Mark Daverio         5.  Leo Howard                       1.  Al Rohr                 3.  Ron Franks
2.  Darin Nicholls        6.  Steve Moser                       2.  Rick Blackburn      4.  John Hartley
3.  Patrick Shepler       7.  T.J. Myers
4.  Don Hopkins          8.  Marty Norris

For The Record (08/24/14)
AM Worship…………..301
AM Bible Study………..201
PM Worship…………...135
Wed. B.S. (08/27/14)…..115