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March 29, 2015


            We hear much about the “separation of church and state”, a phrase which appears nowhere in the United States Constitution or any of its amendments. To say that this nation is not one established on Judeo-Christian beliefs is simply to deny the truth. And, to say that there should be no references to God, or religious beliefs, in public life – specifically in governmental affairs – is not what the founders of this nation ever declared. In fact, they said just the opposite.

            In the 1952 case Zorach v. Clauson, the Supreme Court upheld the New York City school district practice of releasing students during school hours for religious instruction:

            “The First Amendment does not say that in every respect there shall be a separation of Church and State. Rather...there shall be no concert or union or dependency one on the other...Otherwise the state and religion would be aliens to each other...

            “Municipalities would not be permitted to render police or fire protection to religious groups... Prayers in our legislative halls; the appeals to the Almighty in the messages of the Chief Executive; “so help me God” in our courtroom oaths...would be flouting the First Amendment...

            “When the state...cooperates with religious authorities by adjusting the schedule of public follows the best of our traditions. For it then respects the religious nature of our people and accommodates the public service to their spiritual needs...We cannot read into the Bill of Rights such philosophy of hostility to religion.”

             This is the truth of the Church – State relationship in the United States, under its founding documents. Denying this does not make it otherwise.

Church Family:    No members in area hospitals at this time.

Friends & Family:  Jon Shepler (uncle of Patrick Shepler in Florida) hospitalized with infection and low oxygen level. Roco (1 ½) & family (friends of Foster & Kim Pool): diagnosed with cancer; Remember our Shut-In members, those in the Armed Forces, our Brethren in Kenya and the Leadership of the Lord’s church here at Northwest.

Responses:    Todd Scott responded to the invitation last Sunday morning to request prayers.
Amy Scott (wife of Todd) also responded to the invitation to be restored and requested prayers.

Placed Membership:     Jeff Camarata placed his membership here at Northwest last Sunday morning. His address and telephone number are in the printed bulletin.

          Jill Krisher also placed her membership here at Northwest last Sunday evening. Her address and telephone number are in the printed bulletin. Please welcome our brother and sister in Christ!

Thank You:     A big “THANK YOU” to everyone who helped with the Youth Meeting this year. We are blessed to have so many people willing to lend a hand when it is needed. You are all appreciated so much! Thanks again, -Patrick & Theada Shepler

New Baby:     Congratulations to Loretta Hartman at the birth of her great-granddaughter, Lilyana Rose Hartman. Lilyana weighed 5 lbs. 13 ozs and was 18 inches long. Mother and baby are doing well.

Lost & Found:     Items are accumulating in our Lost & Found area. Please check to see if anything belongs to you.  

New Address:  Larry Book has a new address (listed in the printed bulletin). Please update your directory.

ONFTM:   “One Night For The Master” will be held on Monday evenings at 6:00 PM beginning on April 13th and continue through May 18th.

Ladies Sewing:           The ladies will be sewing each Monday from 10:00 AM – noon.

Golden Agers:    Tuesday, March 31st:  NO MEETING. Tuesday, April 7th: Hartville Kitchen

Birthday Fellowship:      The Birthday Fellowship will be TODAY following evening services. Please bring finger foods, a 2 liter bottle of soda and plan to celebrate with us.

Current Bible Class Offerings

1.   “Luke” – Lance / Auditorium
2.   “Acts” – Bill / Room #14
3.   “Attitudes Of Gratitude” – (Ladies’ Class) – Nancy Brown / Library
4.   “Muscle And A Shovel” – Keith Kull MP Room   (Center)
5.   “Welcome To The Northwest Congregation” – E.C. Bradley / Room #9

1.   “Perspectives On Prayer” – Lance / Auditorium
2.   “Galatians” – Bill / Room #14
3.   “Minor Prophets” – (Men’s Class) – E.C. Bradley / Room #9
4.    “LadiesClass”Shirley Wyatt / Room #7

Classes are provided for children of all ages.

Cleveland Indians Game:   This year’s trip to the Indian’s game will be on May 22nd. This is dollar dog night and fireworks after the game. Cost of the tickets and bus ride is $35.00. Seats are located along the 3rd base line in the upper reserved section. We have accommodations for 56 people (friends and family included) on a first come / first serve basis. Sign-up on the bulletin board and pay Richard or Ruth Smith to reserve your seat.

Men’s Breakfast:        Saturday, April 11th at the building at 8:30 AM. Sign the list on the east wing bulletin board if you plan to attend.

Stark County Men’s Retreat - April 17th & 18th Registration forms are on the east wing bulletin board. Deadline to sign up is Sunday, April 5th.

Potter Children’s Home:
A representative will be in our area May 17th-22nd. They are asking our congregation to provide the items listed for their Commodities Outreach Program. You will find a container for these items in the foyer. Thank you for your support.

1. Baby Wash
2. Lysol Disinfectant Spray
3. Velveeta Cheese
4. Cooking Spray
5. Honey Mustard Dressing
6. Vanilla Pudding
7. Canola Oil
8. Monetary Donations  (Turn in to Office)

YOUTH Schedule

April 25th:  Jr. Youth Rally Grades 3rd – 6th

Vienna, WV – Sign-up on teen bulletin board

Sign-up deadline: April 12th


Birthday Fellowship............TODAY 
Men’s Breakfast.................April 11th
ONFTM..............................April 13th
Men’s Retreat................April 17th & 18th

What did Jesus mean when He said “whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two?” (Matt. 5:41)

     In this section of the “Sermon on the Mount” our Lord is showing His audience the changes that would be made between the thinking of the present day Jews and those who make up the coming kingdom (the church).  In verse 20 He tells them, “For I say to you that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”  He is telling them that there had to be a big change in attitude if they were to be a part of His church.  He uses several examples to illustrate His point.  One of these examples was going the second mile.

     Going the second mile involved the Roman soldiers who could compel a Jew to help with a task whether the Jew wanted to or not.  This practice was started by the Persians.  If a courier or soldier needed assistance carrying out a mission for the king he could commandeer any man, horse or wagon with no questions asked.  Greek and Roman armies later adopted this practice.  During the time of Jesus this was a common practice the Jews hated.  Now here is Jesus saying that if a man were compelled to go a mile, to volunteer to go a second?  To the Jews that was unreasonable. 

     Jesus is using some things the Jews thought to be unreasonable to teach His way of thinking and doing things.  Jesus did not think, and do, as the scribes and Pharisees.  His attitude toward things and actions did not match theirs. Let’s notice some examples.

     In verse 39 Jesus said that if one is struck on the cheek to turn the other cheek also.  The blow Jesus speaks of is to insult a man, not to injure him.  What is the natural response to being struck on the cheek?  Of course we say “strike back”.  Not Jesus.

     In verse 40 “If anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic, let him have your cloak also.”  To the Jew that is unheard of.  Don’t let anyone take advantage of you is their motto.  Again we see attitude being taught.

     In verse 42 Jesus said for them not to refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you.  To the selfish Jews these things were just beyond belief.

     Beginning with verse 43 Jesus gives the command most difficult to accept.  “You have heard that it was said ‘You should love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’  But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be the sons of your Father in heaven…” 

     Everything Jesus taught in these verses goes directly against the nature of man.  But you see, those who make up the new kingdom are going to be different from those living at that time.  Going the second mile is a part of the Christian’s life.  We must not ask, “What do I have to do?”  We ask what more can I do?   
-B. C.

A.M. –“Kenya Mission Trip”- (Acts 14:21-22)- KEITH
P.M.  –  GUEST SPEAKER – (TBA) – Rolland Pack

Those reading for lessons during the worship service are asked to use the “New King James Version”, as it corresponds to the pew Bibles and the projections on the screen.


** If you are unable to serve in the scheduled capacity, let Art Hopkins know. **

March 29, 2015                       A.M.                                        P.M.

Opening Prayer                       Elder                                       Elder
Song Leader                            Stephen Lindenberger             Stephen Lindenberger
Communion / Offering           E.C. Bradley                           Bill Craddock
Prayer                                      Bob Franks                             John R. Oberlin
Reading                                   Darin Nicholls                         Chip Angus                
Text                                         Acts 14:21-22                         TBA                           
Dismissal                                 Ron Franks                              Terry Pyles

Serving Communion:
1.  Ned Taggart           5.  John Logan                                  1.  Ray Brown             3.  Eugene Fox
2.  James Blackwell     6.  Wesley Wyatt                                2.  Virgil Anderson     4.  Rick Blackburn
3.  Matt Logan            7.  Keith Hill
4.  Ken Gessel             8.  Bryan Reed

April 05, 2015                         A.M.                                        P.M.

Opening Prayer                       Elder                                       Elder
Song Leader                            Stephen Lindenberger             Stephen Lindenberger
Communion / Offering           Doug Clouse                           Keith Kull
Prayer                                      James Blackwell                      Kevin Johnson
Reading                                   Terry Pyles                              Chip Angus                
Text                                         Mark 16:9-11                          I Corinthians 1:20-24             
Dismissal                                 Jim Jacobs                               Ned Taggart

Serving Communion:
1.  Frank Kruger III    5.  Ron Franks                                     1.  Ray Brown             3.  Howard Koon
2.  Ken Gessel             6.  Jerry Boney                                    2.  Don Hopkins          4.  Denver Moore
3.  Rick Blackburn      7.  Ryan Branch
4.  Virgil Anderson     8.  Foster Pool

For The Record (03/22/15)
AM Worship…………....254
AM Bible Study………...178
PM Worship………….....123
Wed. B.S. (03/25/15)…......92